Principal's Message

The Antelope Valley Adventist School (AVAS) is a phenomenal academic institution. It is a privilege to be a part of a school with such rich history and longevity extending over seven decades. This school exists to guide our students spiritually, teach them academically, and empower them to serve their communities. Students are challenged daily to be innovative, critical thinkers and leaders. Our aim is for every student to succeed. 

As the Principal, being solution-oriented is my focus in terms of academic enrichment, standardized testing improvement, school safety, technology and service-learning. Our strategic goals have been aligned with the 4 S' (Spirituality, STEAM, Scholarship & Service). Being a Christian school, we seek to prepare our students with the tools to enlighten the world with knowledge not just obtained through textbooks, but also through the teachings of Christ's love and character.

AVAS has a dedicated, passionate and hard-working team of teachers, staff, and volunteers. Our school is a positive place with an extremely supportive community. We welcome all students and prospective students with kindness and the Eagles spirit!


Warmest regards,

Alina Mitchell, M.A.


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